Colkatay Columbus!

All Time Favourites


Saurav Palodhi

GENRE: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy

MUSIC BY: Neel Dutt

PRODUCED BY: Sony AATH and Joy B Ganguly


  • Mir
  • Gaurav Chakrabarty
  • Anirban Bhattacharya
  • Ritabhari Chakrabaty
  • Tanushree Chakrabarty
  • Suchandra Vaaniya



Colkathay Columbus is a satirical comedy with an element of fantasy that explores people’s desperate need to look a hero for giving their life a direction, a purpose, to help them find themselves. Christopher Columbus is like a metaphor for every man who lives his life spent in search, looking for one thing only to accidently stumble upon something unexpected. The thought that the will leave us is- Why look outwards for another Hero to help us solve our problems when we can simply look inwards and be our own Hero, an ordinary person can be a legend in search of something.